Q: How long do orders take?
A: It is best to allow at least 1-6 weeks. For orders required within 72 hours there is a 25% rush charge. However what your ordering and workload will determine the time required. Best to call or e-mail for time lines.
Q: Do you have a catalog?
A: There are no limitations to what can be painted. The pictures in my gallery are only to show the work done in the past. It is helpful if you have some sort of reference photo to assit me. The internet is helpful for finding reference.
Q: What can/do you airbrush/paint on?
A: Almost anything from cell phones to large walls and everything in between. I love the diversity of painting on almost anything you can paint on, I do not do fingernails. Some plastics and clothing are difficult or impossible to airbrush on such as polyethylene and waterproof clothing. Other then that the possibilities are endless. Please. check out the image gallery especially the miscellaneous page for ideas.
Q: Can you airbrush on black/dark backgrounds?
A: Yes, however you have to build up a white base first, therefor black or dark backgrounds look great, but cost more.
Q: How do you price out your jobs?
A: I charge by the job. Things that determine cost would be surface, size, location, amount of detail and if special equipment and or preparation is required.
Q: Do you do piece work?
A: All opportunities will be considered.
Q: What happens if I wash an airbrushed garment? Will it wash off?
A: AirWays uses special formulated paint, wash carefully and it will last you a very long time.
Q: How do I wash an airbrushed t-shirt/sweat shirt or denim?
A: Wash with the garment inside out, in cold water, hang to dry; or you can hand wash in cold water and hang to dry Then it will never fade. Dry cleaning is also possible.
Q: Do you have sales people that work for you?
A: No I belief in the personal touch. I personally quote and do all the work in the studio or on location. Although friends and clients are happy to refer AirWays Airbrushing when asked.
Q: Do you do all the work yourself?
A: Mostly me, however I have to staff artists for body painting and temporary tattoos. I also have fellow artists available when needed, as well as trusted companies that I work with for some jobs such as digital printing, and installations. Starting Spring of 2009 AirWays will be working with Gordon Restorations, that will professionally prepare my wall space when needed.
Q: Do you teach?
A: No, I do not teach, I prefer to paint.
Q: Do you sell supplies?
A: No, I do not sell any supplies, check out my links page for my suppliers and they can help you.
Q: Will you come to our location?
A: Yes, in many cases it is required to do so. Trip charges may apply.
Q: How do I pay for my order.
A: A deposit of 50% is required before any order will be started. American Express, Paypal, money orders, company cheques and of course CASH! All cheques will be excepted for mail orders and the order will be shipped when the cheque clears.
Q: Do I have to live in Toronto to place an order?
A: No, if it can be shipped to you, we can send it to you. Shipping and Handling extra.
If you have any other questions I have not answered. Please call during studio hours or e-mail me and I will be happy to help. Thank you De Anne