Film Work

AirWays Artist DeAnne Lamirande has completed the Film Edicit course at Nabet and is on the permeti list. She has had over 30 hours on set, and over 300 hours studio hours working with Toronto’s top studios. She is available to come on site or work in her studio to fulfill any film/commercial needs. Other shows/commercials AirWays has worked freelance for are Frosted Flakes, Cambell’s Soup, Jason X, Power Puff Girlz, and Red Cell Batteries. Also, T-shirts painted for ‘Axe’ Cologne commercial.


  • Toronto International Pow Wow May (1995)

  • Ride for Sight, Fenelon Falls (1996)

  • Speedorama (2004, 2006-07)

  • The International Motorcycle SuperShow (January 2005-06, 08 and April


  • The Everything to do with Sex Show (2004-05)

  • MetalFest, Tillsonburg (May 2005)


AirWays Airbrushing works with many entertainment companies as well as directly to you to come to your company or private party/function. Anything from bar promotions, bat/barmitzfas, birthday parties, Christmas parties, picnics and any other events where we can provide you with airbrushing. Full body painting to over 150 temporary tattoo stencils to promotions where we make a custom stencil for your event.

•Warner Brothers Home Video 300
•10 000 BC
•Converse 100th anniversary at the Mode Club at NXNE (2007)

Graphic Design

Visit the Gallery to find our graphic design samples. AirWays can design corporate logo’s flyers, business cards, and any other promotional needs you may have.